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BOUDIN Léonard

Léonard BOUDIN is one of the greatest cabinetmaker from the 18th century. He is remarkable for his talent but also for his innovative commercial strategy.
Léonard BOUDIN was born in 1735 into a working class family. First he lives in rue Faubourg Saint Antoine and after rue Saint Nicolas in Paris. He starts to work with Pierre MIGEON. BOUDIN specializes in Chinese lacquer and also in floral marquetry. In 1761, he obtained a master degree and starts to work for himself but also continues to (...)

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Composition with BUTTERFLIES WINGS

The region of Kuma Kunda in Togo is known for its many houses with colored doors and painted shutters by villagers. But this region is also very rich in butterflies and beetles. That is why artists of the village specialize in composition based on the wings of butterflies and insects.
The collage of wings is very fine and meticulous by its fragility and ephemeral nature of the butterfly and beetle. If the butterflies are not freshly caught then they must be softened in an airtight box on (...)

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