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BOUDIN Léonard

Léonard BOUDIN is one of the greatest cabinetmaker from the 18th century. He is remarkable for his talent but also for his innovative commercial strategy.
Léonard BOUDIN was born in 1735 into a working class family. First he lives in rue Faubourg Saint Antoine and after rue Saint Nicolas in Paris. He starts to work with Pierre MIGEON. BOUDIN specializes in Chinese lacquer and also in floral marquetry. In 1761, he obtained a master degree and starts to work for himself but also continues to (...)

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Set of four wall papers framed, featured in Château of Madame de Maintenon

The use of the paper as wall decoration really earns its recognition in the XVIIIth century in all Europe, with import of "Chinese paper", which are also called "papers of India": hand-painting papers, produced in Canton and marketed by the East India Companies.
The specialized Chinese workshops produce them in small series for Europe: it is exclusively an export production. If the Chinese also paint for their own use, they use as decoration only one roller suspended on the wall. For (...)

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